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Poor Experience
Took my car there twice for repair. Both times left with a negative experience. First visit I had my AC repaired, oil changed, and transmission service. When picking up the vehicle I noticed that the oil change cost was really low considering the manufacturer of my vehicle requires synthetic oil and it takes 7 quarts of oil. I mentioned it to Dick and his response was "No one told me it took synthetic or that it takes 7 quarts". Ok so his "technicians" didn't tell him? or was it that I did not tell him? It is not my job to inform an automotive tech of the manufacturers specifications. It is the locations obligation to know that as they are working on my vehicle and are suppose to be ASE certified. Dick never offered to fix the problem or to check and be sure that there was 7 quarts put in. Upon checking the vehicle myself it was in fact 2 quarts low. How did the tech not see that when checking the oil level? Or better question, did he even check the level? Once I arrived home I noticed that my dash trim panel was broken from the AC repair. You can not repair this problem without replacing the entire dash so now it is going to cost me more for parts and labor that I didn't need before. During this repair I asked them to diagnose the rattle in the suspension. I was given a cost for labor and told that I had the correct part for the repair by Dick. I took it back the following week for the suspension repair and received a call that I did not have the correct part and that it will cost more for the repair. I approved the additional repair and asked them to replace the other parts I had already purchased. When I picked up the vehicle the rattle was still there. I called Dick and explained to him that there was still a rattle and his words "I didn't know there was a rattle issue". They diagnosed it the week before and gave me pricing how could he say that he was not aware. He hung up on me several times as I was trying to explain that his shop diagnosed it but he didn't want to listen nor resolve the issue. He told me "well we replaced bad parts". Yeah the parts I told them were bad and needed replaced not anything that their ASE certified tech said I needed. The part they claimed I needed was an addition $115 and I may not have even needed the part. For both repairs I paid $1300 and am left with a broken dash, having to pay for the correct oil change (even though I just paid for an oil change with them) and a front suspension that still rattles. DO NOT GO HERE! They are not trained as they advertise.

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